Alaska Ocean Fog Sunrise

Day 11

At Sea

Deckyard Barbecue

The last day on the boat was to be the long ride from Ketchikan to Vancouver. We had a lazy morning, but finally started moving for lunch, which we ate in the dining room.

We then discovered the boat was holding a barbecue outside, and so I ate a second lunch, while we read our books in the chilly weather by the pool.

Dance Off!

For the first time, we actually had some energy after dinner (just in time to leave!). We made it to the bar in which we had played darts just in time for movie music trivia. Wife was pumped, while I knew I would know no answers.

To my surprise, I corrected my wife on one answer, and it turned out to be correct. It also turned out to be the difference in the competition. We tied for first place. That's when the host got all jacked up and yelled, "You know what that means!"

And everyone responds, "Dance off!"

I think I smiled nervously, thinking, I didn't answer any of these questions, so I'm going to have to do it, and I don't want to. After conceding and being denied concession, my wife was the good sport and stood up to do the dance competition. And within a second, she pulled out the fishing rod move and we were both on the dance floor. Another minute later, the entire place was up and dancing in a conga line. It turned into a fun little party.

But then it came down to the vote. Wife grabs the microphone from the host and said, "We're on our honeymoon!" And that must have been the difference, because we won! We won a book of Royal Caribbean magnets, which might be better than a free cracker, but I'm not sure.

We retired after those festivities and got ready to close out this unforgettable vacation.

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