Vancouver British Columbia Skyline

Day 12


Off The Boat

Vancouver, British Columbia

Off the boat and out of Alaska.

It was a little bittersweet. On one hand, we were done with the cruise (and maybe cruises in general), but we were also removed from Alaska—a place the two of us loved.

We dropped the bags at the hotel and began exploring the city. We spent most of the morning hours in Stanley Park. If you haven't heard of Stanley Park, then this will put it into perspective—it's 223 acres (or about 30%) larger than Central Park. Still, it's not close to being the largest urban park.

We found some chicken wings (that weren't $18) and beer for lunch, and then we ready to check into the hotel.

After cleaning up, we made the long trek on foot to Granville Island, which is this cool, little food and arts village on an island in the city. We found the Granville brewery (of course we found a brewery), and we grabbed some food on the way back to the hotel.

It was a quick day of walking, eating, and drinking in Vancouver, but we both liked Vancouver a lot. Everyone was friendly (classic Canadians) and seemed disappointed that we were leaving the next day.

But it was time to close this chapter in our lives.

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